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Before you train them - assess them!

Updated: Jun 1

There is nothing worse than participating in a training that is not in alignment with your role or provides material that is too advanced for your understanding. One major learning principles around adult learning is 'motivation' which is typically encouraged by career success, increased salary, etc. If employees enter into a new companywide training with zero motivation - they are likely to have poor participation, lack enthusiasm; the low morale is shared with others, and retention of the information may be low. One way to meet an adult learners need for motivation is to extend a training analysis.

  • Training Needs Assessments help identify skill gaps, provide clarity around creating role-based learning tracks, and help understand employees’ culture, strengths, hard skills, etc. These assessments also remove assumptions and bias.

At Champion Instructors Education and Training, we believe assessing training readiness and employee's prior knowledge of the subject is a crucial step not to miss. It’s important to conduct a training needs assessment in order to identify any skill gaps and assess an employee’s capabilities while providing the appropriate training thereafter.

Over the course of the past two years employees have been forced to adapt in roles - often times spreading skills across a hybrid of responsibilities and locations (in the office and remote). For millions of the working-class - employees have been tasked with working in a new environment and learning new skills in different settings. With these new adaptations, people are going to learn at a different rate, and they will react differently to new information. This makes a training needs assessment that much more relevant and a significant step to take to save company time and money on their training development and delivery investment. As a stakeholder or workplace learning decision maker - it's important to remove personal assumptions/biases and get a general understanding of your workplace culture, team strengths, how many people have prior knowledge of the content, and any technology challenges/accessibility issues that may stifle the success of a newly launched training initiative.

We are happy to perform front-end training analysis to set your team up for success prior to your next training launch! #ChampIoninstructors #ChampionEnstitute #ChampionInstructorsEducationandTraining #StaffDevelopment #RemoteLearning #VirtualLearning #eLearning #LearningandDevelopment #TrainingNeedsAnalysis #TrainingNeedsAssessment #workplacelearning #blackownedbusiness

~Champion Instructors Education & Training Student Extern

Certified Minority Owned Business | Certified Women Owned Business

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